Friday, November 7, 2008

Please Claim Your Piece of Obama Before He is Finished!

Obama may be an American citizen but we all seem to be making claims on a piece of him. In fact, i just realized that Obama's cousin's brother-in-law once lived in the city council house that my mother's first cousin's friend's step sister-in-law once lived. So, what on earth would stop me from being Obama's relative in addition to my added advantage of being Kenyan? By the way, I am changing the name of my blog to something closer to Obama, no matter how remote!

I found an article in the East African Standard interesting.

I am posting it here albeit with no permission but I know they can't sue me because the Obama fever is something that me and them share!

Enjoy and please claim your piece of this 'new global cake'.

Global Obama inspires the world

Updated 11 hr(s) 56 min(s) ago

By Joseph Murimi and Reuters

Brazilians of mixed descent say he looks like them and called him Mulato.

Japanese have a city called Obama and for that they rallied behind him although his win may not benefit them directly.

Americans own him because his mother, Ann Dunhum, was a white American from Kansas.
His maternal lineage has been traced to Great Britain, specifically Scotland, making Europeans also stake a claim on US President-elect Barack Obama.

A genealogist disclosed, last year, that Obama was a descendant of the monarch who ruled Scotland from 1165 to 1214.

Muslims claim he is one of them, but Obama maintains he is a Christian.

A leading television channel in the Middle East kept announcing that Obama’s grandmother and most of his family members in Kenya were Muslims.

His late maternal grandmother and half sister live in Hawaii.

Biggest claim
However, it is Kenyans who have laid the biggest and most elaborate claim to the first black US President.

His father Barack Obama Snr was born in Kogelo, Siaya District, Nyanza Province.
His late father’s community say Obama is a Luo by blood and therefore, their son.
For that they broke into wild celebrations when he was declared President-elect of the most powerful nation.


President Kibaki declared yesterday a public holiday to allow Kenyans celebrate the historic achievements of their "son".

He addressed the nation live on national television exalting the virtues of Obama and not forgetting to say he had "Kenyan roots’’.
Early this year, Prime Minister Raila Odinga claimed Obama ‘was’ his cousin, according to Luo traditions.

From Africa, Asia, America to Europe to the Muslims and Christians, everybody claims a piece of Obama.
The US President-elect connects with the whole world and can be referred to as the global President.

Like Americans are wont to say, everybody wanted a piece of the Obama pie.

Led in polls
Every opinion poll from the leading pollsters Gallup to Cable News Network, indicated Obama was leading his Republican rival John McCain.
And when the final results began trickling in showing Obama in the lead, the world broke into celebrations.

With a global appeal, cutting across religious and racial biases, Obama was tipped for a landslide win.

Meanwhile, Japan’s opposition hopes it can emulate US President-elect Barack Obama’s victory with his promise of change.
Many Japanese voters, however, doubt their politicians have what it takes. Polls show many are weary of the conservative Liberal Democratic Party, in power for the past 53 years.

Huge task
But the opposition Democrats, who share a name with Obama’s party, face an uphill battle to prove they can do a better job.
"Japan doesn’t have young and charismatic politicians like Obama who are calling for reform," said 38-year-old Keishi Matsuoka.
Flagging support for Prime Minister Taro Aso and the LDP have not translated into a boost for the Democrats.
"If we had an election, I think most Japanese would be in a quandary," Matsuoka said.


TheLaw26 said...

What an amazing period in American politics. I personally didn’t vote for Obama but am truly inspired by the positivity and global reaction resulting from his election, at least so far. His energy is addicting and his demeanor inspiring. I think Rahm Emanuel will do a phenomenal job as Obama’s chief of staffs. He’s hard nosed, stubborn, and won’t take “no” for an answer.

Obama’s story is truly American. I’d wish to dive into Obama’s mind and discover his motives and internal dialog. To go through a year of campaigning is very difficult, but to go through a year of campaigning and deliver a speech like he did that is truly inspirational. I’m excited about to see how he really attacks global warming and the energy crisis.

What’s also fascinating is looking at the dynamic of who voted, how they voted, and what drove them to vote. Obama’s campaign created a wave of energy that grew bigger and bigger as his campaign moved forward, engulfing (in a good way) each supporter and supercharging them. How did they do this? It all started with a vision. Obama’s vision, planted deep within his mind, began to take root almost 2 years ago today. The power of his vision can teach every American citizen about how to accomplish goals using the powers of visualization and intention.

I looked into this vision questing further and found that many super-successful people have been using vision boards to help focus their mind and accomplish their dreams. A vision board is a collage of images pasted on a board that represent your desired outcomes, your goals, and dreams. By studying your vision board, your brain gains clarity on what is important to your success, the things you MUST accomplish. I found a site that allows you to download a free 8-step power plan to creating vision boards. I’d highlight recommend downloading it.

anapolojetik said...

Thank you for your comment. Well, I guess you are right, it would be interesting to get into Obama's mind just to see what is going on in there.

If you ask me, Obama has a way with words. A kind of speaking that comes naturally. A way of speaking that is entertaining to the ear.

Perhaps McCain was right in calling him a celebrity.

I personally do not have much of a feeling towards Obama the person but I find him entertaining. I find him a great performer. Many people may not have voted for Obama because they knew what his policies were but because he was likeable.

Just likeable.

the boy is faced with an uphill task. he is carrying the hopes of millions on his shoulder.

Goodluck Mr. President

Thanks much for the vision board site too.

Keep visiting