Thursday, November 20, 2008

mrs. malaprop

today i met her
our lady of 'isms'
noticed her by far
before she to me spoke

from confession she said she came
but sweets and cakes she had
it was the confectionery she meant
oh! lady malaprop.

seats she saw by the roadside
beautiful sofas they make
of velvex she told me
oops! of velvet my lady.

a large crowd stood by
arguing and bargaining
looked like a religious congratulation
but a congregation it seemed.

to me mrs malaprop spoke
of politicians diverting
from parties one after another
yes, defecting she meant

thought the pick-up in her mouth
was the actual problem
did i say pick-up?
oh! our lady calls the toothpick.

i call it as they called it; malapropism
what our lady does
with words to words
our 'learned' lady, mrs malaprop.

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