Thursday, August 1, 2013

Dear Kenyan woman

I have six things to tell you about yourself
No, seven that I think you should know
These seven things that the system has not
And will not tell you
About you

Dear Kenyan Woman
The system will not tell you
That it has figured you out
Not to understand who you really are
But what you should be

The system is not going to tell you
That when it calls you a queen
What it calls for is chivalry
That every lady needs some decency
And needn't be a nuisance

What the system wont tell you
Is that you, Kenyan woman
Have been made by the male gods
Not to live as a being
But only to be that which
is required to be desired

Now, dear Kenyan woman
The system is never gonna tell you
That your body will be a metaphor
So lightly used for the noble purpose
of nation-building

And these metaphors will be thrown around
on your face, in the streets, in seminars
As though your pain was a national trauma
That successsfully  erases the fact that
his manhood forced open your thighs

And seriously the system
Dear Kenyan woman
Will put motions in parliament
To debate how you could better serve mankind
by regulating your vagina, uterus and what you wear

But if you choose to not avail yourself
The system will declare you useless
And pass a number of motions
That will ban who you can or not love
And that will be
the end.


patrick nandwah said...

Dear, Sinoxolo!

You've indeed spoken. Kenyan women need to assert their independence.

hellenmasido said...

this i like!