Sunday, October 26, 2008

Giving God a piece of my mind on what I think of him

For a few weeks now, I have been thinking of the whole religion bullshit. Then you know what God does in all this mayhem? He messes me up like crazy.

I have reminded God in the past that whether he thinks i am being blasphemous or not; he owes me an apology for pains I have gone through in the past.

This time he blew me up.

You know sometimes I want to be a good christian and say although Christianity was not really anything divine, the colonial missionaries got away with disrupting the African subconscious and reversing our cosmology. why the hell couldnt the motherfuckers leave us alone and do whatever it was they came to do without having to bring us a God who does not understand any African language?

I dont know what the fuck my grandmother was thinking getting all of us into this ass licking of a God who doesnt give a damn about us. Poor woman, like Okwonkwo's father, Unoka she succumbed to the pressures of pale skin. Thank God she wouldnt see this post last she dies bitter.

You know what God? You have let me down so badly; I hate thinking of it.

Perhaps if I was white I would understand when you say you will never abandon us. Perhaps if I understood your language I would ask you a few questions. But what reason would you have to listen to me if you have ignored me before?

Tell me dude, where are you everytime I get hurt?

Please dont tell me you are with me because I know you are not.

God, I think sometimes you are so selfish. You keep telling me how much you love me but dont you say that to everyone else? Perhaps you are busy with other people and you have put me on hold and forgotten. If you are so powerful God, why dont you make me my own smallanyana God to attend to me. Make him black if you want because may be a black God would understand when I get hurt in my language. May be a black God wouldnt mind showing his face to me because we are family!

In the meantine, it will take forever for you to change my mind on what I think about you. Anyway, I know you wouldnt even know my thoughts because you dont give a damn about me.

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