Monday, August 11, 2008


i am looking at this dot
this dot that looks so small
this dot that means so much
this dot that carries so much sense
what is it about this dot
this dot called a fullstop
this dot called a decimal point
this dot called ...ooops!


Dino said...

Yah, neh. You see, these are the makings of a great poet. I see you have caught the Marechera bug, I mean, he's the only one I know who could create poetry of the absurd like this. You have read House of Hunger, neh? yeah, he speaks about how this guy beats his wife to a stain. Now one wonders how that stain looked like, how big it was, was it red? That's what am talking about. Keep writing.

anapolojetik said...

Jana I was writing my paper for the colloquium and then i noticed a misplaced fullstop!!!I was like, "how the heck did this fullstop get here?" Come to think of it, what is the big deal about these punctuation marks!!

Thanks much for passing by. I didnt think of Marechera now u just reminded me!! Great talent like that doesnt really last!!The father of the persona in House of Hunger also got crashed by, I think, a train and all that was found was a stain!! Yho!!