Friday, August 15, 2008

coffin voices

listen to this...immortal man
can you see me?
why am i so pale?
am i not stiff?
what happened to me?
i cannot hear my voice

why am i here?
how did i get here?
you say i am dead?
but why?
tell me how
you immortal man

did he run over me?
was it murder?
oh...the suicide mission
did you say i was sick?
o...the fire at night
but you say no

listen to me immortal man
speak to this multitude
but tell them no lie
on my life or death
am i dead?
why am i hearing you?

cry not for me you liars
for sooner or later
i shall send you a letter
if i find the place better
but no...stop a moment
where am i going to?

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