Thursday, July 3, 2008


how popular my works now are!

it is celebration time
but hey, what is it that you celebrate?
on a friday afternoon
in the plenary hall k.i.c.c
you sit; old and young
celebrating 'our fallen poet'

from the streets of lagos
the yoruba and the igbo come
quoting me even in greetings
carrying works of a great poet
a great poet only in death
great sales for the publishers

i lived among you once
shoulders and breasts brushing
[may be you couldn't feel me!]
i cried of my agony
but what did the labyrinther say?
"woman, care not for applause"

yes, i cared not then
and i care not now
leave my spirit in peace
to alone cross styx
and my works behind me
the manuscripts unpublished

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