Monday, July 28, 2008

forgotten clay

is it that you do not care
or just that you cannot dare
to meet your child
to give love however mild?

is it that you did not sire
or just that you are a liar
to be that silent
to have love that latent?

is it that you do not feel
or just that you have no deal
to be responsible
to do the impossible?

is it that it was not planned
or just that it happened
to doom your life
to put you off?

is it that she is too secretive
or just that it will be abortive
to tell me the truth
to clear this myth?

is it that you changed your attitude
or just that you see no magnitude
of having some passion
of respecting this creation?

i hear you are my father
but left me desperate
my mother’s husband you are
but her daughter’s father not

like god’s forgotten clay
you fetched me from the river
but left me unmolded

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