Thursday, September 19, 2013

Cosmic Nudity

Her hand starts from the temple of my head to the tenderness behind my ear
I have scrubbed these same places with the once-upon-a-time-brick-red-orange-sack
now-called-face-cloth before but this!
Her index finger is about to touch my upper lip
With closed eyes I see it, with my soul it is tangible and concrete

Stop Na...
Oh she is the type that never let's one finish sentences
My legs are opening up with lustful glare into the wild
The wetness has began trickling down my legs
But the rain shouldn't stop, I like it

She covers me with a blanket of grass freshly lifted from wet earth
She says "just to make sure that you are warm enough to last a moontime"
My mind has started to wander around the moon, chasing stars and catching air
The closer you are to the sun the hotter, the better
Oh the twisted logic of cosmic nudity

She starts kissing  my lower lip
Not too much saliva but enough to indulge my wetness
And her tongue so easily finds its way through the gaps of my teeth
My gaping is audible, my breathing is heavy
Her kiss does not have too much teeth, just like I like it

She closes my eyes with her hand
In the darkness I see a big bright ball booming with balm
Just the perfect play thing for foreplay, round and wet with lub
The sun starts to set in the horizon
Nature's perfect colours for the onset of a dream

Her hand is now moving with that static feel on my thigh
Sending me into all possible kinds of high
With immense self-congratulations my heart high-fives my groin
As my mouth silently struggles to tell her to stop
We have already gone too far

There is a strange web of clarity in my mind
Caught up in this strong orgasmic whirlwind
And all kinds of things now seem possible
As my body betrays my mind on things immoral and illegal
Damage already done, "let's do this, baby"

She has not looked at me for a second in the last 63 and a quarter seconds
And in the last quarter our souls have become one in a cosmic collapse
And as our bodies drown in the rubble of emotional lapses
We are sweating with the sweetness of the forbidden
We can no longer tell whose wetness was whose initially

Our thighs are rubbing on each other with a feeling of pleasant greasiness
Our bodies are interlocked in exactly the position of gears in motion
Geared towards a collective cumming
Coming to a conclusion about powerful erotica
The gods seem to agree and the 'yays'  have it

I have been tricked into seeing beyond her
Now her name reads like a badly written erotic poem
And the syllables of her name start to rearrange themselves in 69s
And Kamasutras as she turns me upside down
Like one would a baby choking on the slime and glime of a spring flu

Her name wont leave my head and I know I am being lame
In the middle of all this madness I am saying her name aloud by now
Not exactly allowed in the middle of orgasm number 69
But there is a Maasai-ness in her geography just like I imagined it
And she knows what exactly to do with her every curve and nerve

I have just woken up to the reality of this dream
And I have been robbed of all self-preservation
And every single 'he' in my mind has become a 'she'
Na-i, exactly the first sounds in 'naivety'

She feigns naivety with every lousy lover
Beautiful, cunning, dangerous with no sense of decency
You Nairobi are my sexy beast

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