Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Girl Called Kathy is Dead

"It is ok luv am here its fun"
July 6th two thousand and thirteen
In a series of texts between you and I

But let's rewind
The time is around seventeen after nine
The Place? Club Envy, Tom Mboya Street

But Kathy your curiousity
About me is a thing familiar to my body
My nipples have learnt to tuck themselves in

And the composition of things
In my pants doesn't know what exactly to do
When spaces question my biology

But your kind of questioning
Has a genuine curiosity that I will indulge
0727 16... number saved

I am not sure what we have become
By our fifth night of hanging
And you are Kathy Envy in my contacts' list

Secrets we've sworn never to tell
Emotional intimacies with a lustful lining
We know the love in our talk so

But let's take risks Kathy
In ways that we all always have
Tell me about your latest shag friend

Let's press Fast Forward Kathy
Our audience has that all too familiar curiosity
And we needn't keep them here

July Seventeenth eight fifty-one
"Sorry the mobile subscriber cannot be reached"
Answer your phone Kathy, damn it!

Formalin doesn't smell like a scent you'd wear
For six nights you have been in this
Including the weekend, who knew Kathy?

And I sit here calling Kathy Envy
She will tell me about her death I know
She's been mad with me before


Melissa Wainaina said...

Oh no I didnt know her but RIP and sending strength to her family and friends..we are loosing to many wonderful people...

Sinoxolo Musangi said...

Death has been happening a lot in my life lately. Or may be it always has. I just didn't notice. Very very amazing soul this one.I can't even begin to imagine what her family and really close friends are going through!! Yeah, scary!