Thursday, April 22, 2010

A Fat Black Woman's Poem

I am so curvateous, voluminous and lumptous
I am the fat black woman that you loathe
The fat black woman so extravagant
Extravagant with melanin and body fat
The black woman who made fat a bad word

So I am fat and that bothers you
So you wish I wasnt as fat and dark
So you want me lean and pale but nay I refuse
For comfortable in its pitch black skin
Is this fat black body

And i shall speak until tomorrow
About my black skin and body
About your idealised feminine body
About your preference for light skin
For I neednt fit your description

While you want me slim and shady
I will watch the poor things with pity
As they diet, eat and purge
To walk down your runway
And with myself I toss to good living

This is the fat black woman
The fat black woman from the South
The fat black woman born in the North
The fat black woman you gotta live with
For she refuses to make an early exit

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