Wednesday, March 25, 2009

if only i was a grown-up

when i grow up, i aint sure i will
perhaps if i grow up, just if i will
i will be all i ever wanted
for all i ever wanted was to grow up

not quite to grow up, perhaps
but just to be a grown-up
or do all that grown-ups do
well, just to be a grown-up

if only i was a grown-up
a grown up even for a day
i would do that thing
that thing that all grown-ups do

if only i could be a grown-up
perhaps i would be a better woman
if only i were a grown-up
even without growing up, i would

i would be a grown-up
a grown grown up in a grown-up life
but a dream mine may be
or a nightmare of ever being


Anonymous said...

Astounding simplicity.

Would you happen to know about this poetry blog

anapolojetik said...

Hi Antonny,

Thanks much for following up this blog and for your positive comments. Finally I managed to retrieve my password and can now continue posting!!! This took forever but finally here comes anapolojetik!!

Terry said...

I totally Dig.

anapolojetik said...

Thanks lovie. Howzit?