Tuesday, December 9, 2008

An Attempt to Love

No matter how many times we fought
No matter how many quarrels we had
No matter how much we harboured hate
No matter how much we disagreed
We had a wonderful time together

Now that you are going away my love
Now that you won't be here my dear
Now that you leave me behind dear heart
Now that at night we shall no longer hold
In my heart you shall be missed but tightly held

Memories your homecoming shall bring
Memories of a father no longer there
Memories of a son turned dear hubby
Memories of a brother now darling daddy
But memories filled with gratitude

To the father above I pray dear Sweetheart
To the father above I commit you my Love
To the father above I look upon
To the father above this is what I say
"Lord give to them the strength to soldier on"

Until that time my darling
Until that day that I knoweth not
Until that moment we shall hold
Until that minute comes my Sweery
Patiently shall I wait, for those slices of sweetness.

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