Friday, September 5, 2008


the best of my mother's teachings
is all about good neighbourliness
she taught me how to be a good neighbour
if my neighbour does not have salt
and i have some my mother said i should give it to him
if my neighbour does not have money
and i have some i should lend it to him
if my neighbour borrows my car
and i am not using it i should give it to him
if my neighbour goes for a long journey
and leaves behind his family i should take care of them
my mother taught me to love my neighbour
to love him
to love his wife
to love his children
and to love his animals

so if my neighbour is out of town
and his wife is in need of something
something she surely has not
and that i readiy have
i should give it to her
because i love my neighbour's wife
because that is good neighbourliness
this one time she comes
in need, real need of help
she asks me for a night
should i refuse?
but i am a good neighbour
i give her a good night
that is good neighbourliness
and i promised to be a good neighbour

good neighbourliness has no bounds
unless my mother forgot that bit
i love jesus
for my mother loves him and i love my mother
i must be a good neighbour
i should love my neighbour
i did my share
of being a good neighbour
i helped his wife
because i love her
so, if his daughters come to me
i shall help them too
because i love them
and if his househelp comes to me
i shall help her too
because i love her
i love my neighbour
i love his wife
i love his maid
for that is good neighbourliness


CHARLAX said...

Life Is Not A Poem

Life Is Not A Poem
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Life is not a poem
eye cannot make it rhyme
it has no sway
or motion nothing to decide.
Live and pray then love
Eat and leave the past behind
Love and hurt and love
Hope that you are taste
Hope that she can want you
Even in her haste
Hope that she will want you
In her places that she goes
Hope that she can use you
To mend the heart so full of holes
the loss of all the past
and all the life that
she had then to leave behind
her losses and her darkness
for today she made me smile
real life is not a poem and is painful
after all is said and done the smile has won.

anapolojetik said...

You are right, Charlax,Life is not a poem!!

Poems are rhymes
or sometimes mimes
mimed at times

life like poems
by similar aims
not by names
must rhyme

rhyme, rhyme and rhyme
in life

anapolojetik said...


I cant help going back to your poem "Life is not a Poem"! It is such a brilliant piece. At the time that I responded, I hadnt caught your use of 'eye'. It is just amazing what poetry does with words.I had to go to your blog to know what 'eye' I know. LOL!!!

Love and hurt and love!!!